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Alexander Industries .biz Inc. is an internet marketing company. Our corporate headquarters are located in Arvada Colorado. We offer a variety of resources for business owners, speakers, executives and entrepreneurs.

Alexander Van Buren is President & CEO of Alexander Industries .biz Inc.
The President & CEO is Alexander Van Buren.

The company is an extension of Alexander's creative and entrepreneurial endeavors and concentrates primarily on Internet Marketing, Seminars & Training, Behavioral Modeling Projects, Speakers Bureau and Business and Executive Coaching.

You can learn more about Alexander and Alexander Industries .biz Inc. at our page - about us.



Our client list has developed over the years from small business owners to some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

Clients include Safelite, Moretrench Americal Corporation, Arrow Electronics, Toshiba - the 17th largest company in the world and Paramount Home Entertainment.


Alexander Industries .biz - All ServicesA complete list of services including our live seminars, trainings and online coaching programs is listed on our SERVICES page.

They include Internet marketing, Business and Executive Coaching, Leads for Speakers, Seminars & Training and NLP Behavioral Modeling Projects.


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Be sure to visit the WEBSITES page for links to our various web sites.

They contain detailed information on specific products, live trainings and online coaching programs we offer.


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